The Amplifierz have spoken

In service to our collective vision of a greater financial future, the Labs team set out to design Voltz Protocol. Its purpose: to function as the core pillar of decentralized financial infrastructure required for DeFi to serve the needs of the global population. 

After intensive testing, the innovation is now ready. As decreed by the Ampliferz, the next step in the mission of Voltz Protocol - deployment of Voltz Protocol smart contracts to mainnet - will be determined by vote of the Voltz community.

Should Voltz Protocol smart contracts be deployed to mainnet?

When | Monday 23rd May at 9AM BST 
Duration | 48 Hrs
Eligibility | Holders of Voltz Genesis NFT. (1 NFT = 1 vote)
Quorum | 10% of the total Voltz Genesis NFTs (185 votes)







Checking if you have the NFT