We are all connected to each other, interdependent as part of one ecosystem.

Like us, you have chosen to search beyond the Fiat world and opt-in, to decentralised life. Life amongst communities that span multiple planets across the cryptoverse.

Those here today are early settlers, evolving the landscape of primitive land. The actions we take now; collaborating, building, trading ideas and experimenting, will enable those who come after us to arrive free from the limits of the old world. 

En route to planet Ethereum, a team of engineers [callsign: VOLTZ], have been granted permission to land by the Uniswap federation. Aboard their vessel, they carry a highly composable reactor labeled, Interest Rate Swaps -  codename: IRS

Free trade is essential to a healthy community and it is said that IRS contains potential for decentralised trade to excel far beyond the imagination of planet Fiat. However, it is communities that hold the key to unlock that potential. 

This is not science fiction. This is as real as you and I. 

We are not rebels. Rebels are defined by the contour of an enemy.
We are traders, builders, providers and explorers. 
We are all here, to change everything.

Mint A Part of History

In celebration of the historic DAO2DAO precedent set between the Voltz and Uniswap federations, we have commissioned an art piece that is mintable exclusively to wallets that voted ‘yes’, during the voting process. 

Thank you for welcoming us. 

MINT EXPIRED :(Official OpenSea Collection