Introducing the Voltz v2 Alpha Pass

June 15, 2023

After a year of Voltz Protocol running, with 150k+ transactions and nearly $25 billion traded, it's time for an upgrade.

Enter Voltz Protocol v2.

Voltz Protocol v2 solves some of the biggest problems in global finance, such as capital inefficiency and liquidity fragmentation. We have a long journey ahead, and over the next few months, you will witness the transformative power of Voltz v2.

In the build up to the v2 launch, the Voltz Voyage was created. This provided our community with an opportunity to earn an exclusive badge that had some mysterious benefits.

Today, one of those benefits is being announced - the Voltz v2 Alpha Pass. For those of you who have successfully completed the Voltz v2 Voyage, you will be able to mint varying amounts of this pass. The numbers you can mint works as follows:

If you hold this many v2 Voyage Badges you get to mint this many Alpha Passes:

1 Voyage Badges = 3 Alpha Passes

2 Voyage Badges = 5 Alpha Passes

3 Voyage Badges = 8 Alpha Passes

4 Voyage Badges = 12 Alpha Passes

This pass unlocks early access to Voltz v2. Initially v2 will launch in an Alpha State with the well-known instrument of interest rate swaps. With this pass, you get early access to trade and LP on v2, whilst testing the latest version of the protocol.

Passes are transferable. For each pass you transfer to a friend, they also gain early access to trade, and their trades will benefit you later on. No friends? No worries. You can always list the pass for sale.

Don't have an Alpha Pass? Keep an eye out for listed passes. Or, if you hold a substantial number of badges, wait a few weeks - don’t worry, badge holders haven’t been forgotten.