Embark on the Voltz Voyage: Voltz v2 Edition

May 15, 2023

Are you ready to set sail on the Voltz v2 Voyage?


As you know, Voltz Protocol is set to expand massively in the coming months following the announcement of Voltz v2. This expansion will mean Voltz Protocol v2 will become a non-custodial clearing house for any derivative instrument. The generalisable design of v2 creates a foundational building block for any DEX to operate on, including Voltz v1.

The empowerment here for traders and market makers is massive - it enables a single margin account to operate across multiple exchanges. Whilst for DEX teams it provides foundational infrastructure and access to deep pools of liquidity, making bootstrapping easier.

But now you, our beloved community, get an opportunity to gain early access to this exciting innovation through the Voltz v2 Voyage.

Wait, what is a Voyage?

Previous Soul-Bound-Token (SBT) Seasons have been a blast and operated on a quarterly basis. These will keep operating until 👀, but in the meantime we’re thrilled to announce an exciting new venture - voyages.

Voyages can start at any time and will last for a number of weeks. They provide you with an opportunity to earn unique badges that have a number of unique benefits. These badges can only be earnt during the voyage making them super rare. Unlike the existing SBTs, where you check your profile page following trades to see if you qualify, Voyage SBTs are revealed in a weekly “BIG REVEAL” where you will find out whether you’ve met the criteria for earning the badge.

Tell me about the v2 Voyage

The first ever Voyage gives you the chance to gain early access to Voltz v2. If you meet the criteria required to earn the badge(s) 👀, you’ll become part of a unique set of users who will kick-start the exclusive voyager program and help us build out Voltz v2 as a v2 OG.

This initial voyage will span over four weeks. On a weekly basis, the badge winners will be revealed in the “BIG REVEAL”. At that point, if you’ve met the criteria of the badge, you’ll see these unique SBTs on your "Profile" page.

The standards for earning these badges will be more demanding than ever, potentially necessitating some investigative work. Consequently, acquiring them might be a rare feat, but the effort will definitely be rewarding. The exclusive benefits of earning this scarce SBT extend beyond just early access to Voltz v2, and will be unveiled in due course.

The first BIG REVEAL, which will unveil the first set of winners, will take place on May 22 at midday GMT. Following this, the succeeding winners will be announced every subsequent Monday, marking the completion of each week of the voyage.

Any questions shout in discord. Otherwise, Ready, Set, Go.