Batch Budget

February 10, 2023

How to batch Optimiser deposits and claim the budget


Many users struggle when deciding the tick range to deploy liquidity to, and are not comfortable monitoring their active LP positions, and occasionally adjusting it. That's what Optimisers were designed to help with.

While formulating the Optimisers, the fact that the gas cost of providing liquidity could be quite high stood out. The way of reducing this cost is to batch deposits. But how does this work?

Batch mechanics

If the Optimisers were to distribute the funds deposited by users right away, the gas cost would be quite high, considering the number of transactions needed to allocate it across pools. So instead of allocating these deposits right away, one by one, it is best to hold it in a single pool, and wait for more deposits from other users, so that the gas cost can be distributed across users. And that's what batches are.

One challenge is that users might not be on their computers when it is time to batch the deposits, so it would not be possible to request a gas fee contribution at that point. Instead, it is best to collect the gas fee contribution when the user is depositing the funds in the Optimisers, and wait till the contributions are enough to cover for the batch gas cost. This is called the batch budget.

How to batch deposits

While depositing funds in the Optimisers, users will also contribute to the batch budget. The batch budget and the batch cost will always be displayed in the Voltz app, both in the LP Optimisers page, and also after a deposit is made.

At any point in time, users can batch deposits. When doing so, the user who triggered the deposit will pay for the batch gas cost, but receive the batch budget. That gives users the power to decide when it is time to batch the deposits.

For example, if you are in a hurry to allocate your recently deposited funds, you can trigger the batch right away, no need to wait. Or if you are just passing by, and happen to see that an Optimiser has a batch budget higher than the batch gas cost, you can trigger the batch and profit from it.