The Interest Rate Swap AMM

Decentralized. Synthetic. Efficient.

Voltz is a novel defi primitive, powering leveraged interest rate swaps. The first ever synthetic interest rate swap AMM, Voltz AMM utilizes concentrated liquidity, creating a market that’s c.3000x more capital efficient.


Trade Rates Like a Pro

Voltz is foundational defi infrastructure, unlocking waves of composable, community-led opportunities for builders, innovators and creators.

fix takers
Trading rates for fixed returns? Convert any asset with a variable rate into a fixed rate product.
liquidity provider
Liquidity to invest? Deposit within your tick range, collect returns.
variable takers
Trading variable rates with leverage? Take variable, take alpha.
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Build on Voltz

Join a growing community of hackers, innovators and developers building on Voltz. Join us, let's make a dent in the defi universe.


Backed by the Best

Stani Kulechovof Aave
Kain Warwickof Synthetix
David & Ryanof Bankless
Julian Kohof Ribbon
Alan HowardFamily Office

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